Monday, March 14, 2011

We're back...

It's been a while since I've posted anything, and in that lapse of time the world has changed remarkably. It is hard to even comprehend the level of tragedy that many have experienced through natural disasters and brutally waged wars. As I write, nuclear disaster is compounding an already extremely difficult rescue and restoration process.

There are so many videos and photos of Japan are that impacting. For several aerial of Japan, click HERE.

This past week has been memorable for us as a family. Mayra and I drove through an intense snow fall in NE Ohio last Thursday evening, and had to dig out our (my dad's) truck the next morning after 10 inches of new, wet snow. We spend some precious time with the Jeff Pierce and family and Stephanie Green, but others who we had hoped to see couldn't make it. School was canceled due to the snowfall, something all to common in that lake-effect snow area.

We continued on to Sandusky Friday afternoon, arriving at Kalahari Indoor Water Park around 3 p.m., to be reunited with our kids and my parents, who drove out separately. The 800 room facility is simply unbelievable--hard to describe really. The kids loved it.

Our time at The Chapel, Sandusky, was all that we hoped for, with opportunity to touch base with this church that has grown from 450 when we first became acquainted with the church, to over 1800 now. We were able to participate in a small group time, and taught 3 different sessions of KC, or Kid's Club, once Saturday evening and twice on Sunday. Dawn Schmid was just the best, and helped us integrated a presentation of our ministry into their program. Times with Reg and Cesca were GREAT!

A special treat was when Pete and Beth Gross visited us, and we had Saturday lunch at a nearby Cracker Barrel. Great to talk with them! They also brought of 30 copies of books for Tim Blycker. Tim, I thought you said they were nice, thin, light books. They aren't!

Now we're "home" again...well, sort of, before we head "home" again

Pictures forthcoming.

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