Monday, March 07, 2011

Anyone can do "easy"

I had a great time today with fellow CAMers in Texcoco, but Mayra continues to struggle with a bug she got last Thursday, that hit her suddenly with fever and body aches. After a trip to two different doctors, we think we have an adequate diagnosis...a form of intestinal infection related to typhoid. She has been getting a bit better after several shots and some strong medicine. Please pray for her as we have a busy week ahead.

I have wanted to share for the last several days an email I received from Megan, who visited us here as part of the internship way back in 2005. When I asked her if I could share a bit more about her in this blog, this is how she responded.

No, I don't mind if you share my thoughts. I'm sure a lot of people struggle with this same thing, you know, the big one: Why does God allow suffering? Sometimes other Christians can be not so supportive on this issue. And yeah, I do want to elaborate, because sometimes it's easier for me to talk to people about serious stuff through letters and e-mail. But it's a really long story. Basically my whole life. The main thing now is, "Why am I suffering everyday? Why won't doctors or medications help me? How is this suffering serving God's purpose?" It was my goal to get my elementary education degree, work here in the US to pay off student loan debt, then apply to CAM. "Why doesn't God want me to do that?" I just feel really lost, unsure of how to handle my life and all the questions I have, but am ashamed to ask. My biggest, biggest prayer is to just not be in senseless pain anymore. Even the smallest thing seems insurmountable when I can barely get out of bed. And, to add insult to injury, or vice versa, my mattress is really uncomfortable. I'm not really sure how to end this...

I'm not going to pretend to understand, or to even try to respond other than to say this. One day, perhaps agonizingly, intolerably distant from today, it will all make sense. There is hope in the midst of suffering and death that life and health and wholeness will indeed one day triumph.

So many related conversations today.

Karla Topp commented that my sister-in-law, Monica, is one of her heroes. She has been confined to a wheelchair since age 6, yet she never seems to complain. She is one of my heroes too.

Today I told Tiffany Taylor that what she was doing here, just living here, gains my respect. It's not easy. And anyone can do easy. But not everyone chooses (or perhaps is given without their choice) difficult. Painful. Deep.

Here's a rather unrelated couple of pictures of our acrobatic son Daniel.

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