Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to normal...not really

We arrived back home last night around 10 p.m. Mexico City time with everything, including a 44 lb. box of books that we were questioned about, but not required to open going through customs. Martín met us just as we came through customs, and we were on our way home.

Mayra, however, continued to feel very weary yesterday, and actually accepted the help of a wheelchair to get from the airport gate to customs, something she would never do unless she really felt weak. Today we traveled into Mexico City and had a battery of tests done, which all came back negative. The only partial answer that we received was that she probably had a viral infection two weeks ago that is still hanging on. Rest is what the doctor ordered.

Lauren Menge is here! We actually forgot she was going to be visiting with our OH trip. Great to have her. She's filling in for my ESL class today. Tiffany is helping to get the Miller's house ready, too, cleaning and organizing. I need to buy a mattress soon, and the Cottrills just happen to have a queen-sized box spring (that they could never get up their stairs, but that's another story).

My dad got me a Kindle, and my son, who always gravitates to the latest and coolest tech stuff, has already begun to try to imply that it is almost partly his. Just bought my first book that actually costs something for Daniel, a Randy Alcorn book called Deadline. My hope is that Kindle will stimulate Daniel to enjoy books as much as I do.

We once again thank the Lord and our brothers and sisters in OH for a wonderful week!

Click HERE for an explanation of what happens during a nuclear meltdown. I continue to learn things about what happened when I was in 6th grade and Three Mile Island went "nuclear." Apparently in that case, uranium fuel burned a 5/8 of an inch into the 5 inch thick metal containment vessel, and was rated a "5" in the 1-7 point scale of nuclear disasters.

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