Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mayra is much better, an interesting encounter

Some of you knew that my wife Mayra has not been feeling great for the last two weeks or more. Over the last several days she was able to see two different doctors, and had all sorts of tests done, all of which came back negative. What was finally determined is that she has some sort of viral bug that affected her body, joints, etc... but she is, since yesterday, feeling much better, which is good news. Thanks for your prayers!

Yesterday started with a prayer meeting in the morning, then we finalized plans to visit an old persons home locally here. We'll be taking the youth shortly, for a time of singing, drama and board games. Also yesterday...touching base with Mariano, who was saved as a result of an outreach we did after severe flooding in an area near here about a year ago, Valle de Chalco.

We bought a mattress for the Millers and eventually Tina Burham.

Then...something happened last night that was just magical, and totally unexpected.

We were told by Iris, a new believer in our church (of course, most are new believers!) that the municipal president was going to be dedicating a new park in Jesús María, the area that we work. Some of you may remember that we have been trying to gain the administration of a public park here, and we are also pursuing various options as to properties for the ministry here. I brought a full-color booklet about the community center that I thought I might present him.

Political events are very interesting here. The municipal president has the final authority in all manner of municipal decisions. After his speech, probably 50 people followed him all around, and Samuel, Allan and I decided that we would drink a coffee instead, at a nearby little coffee shop, and basically gave up trying to talk to him.

Probably 30 minutes later, as we were finishing a fun conversation a cup of Cappuccino, we realized that the municipal president was still in the area, and was making his rounds in the market area where we were paying our bill. A lady that I did not know came in and told us that if we still wanted to talk to him, now was our chance. So we once again followed him and the crowd, smaller now but still frantic, as he talked to people, kissed kids, you know, what politicians the world over do.

I was ready to call it a night again, as I'm not the sort to elbow through people and say...uh...hi, I'm some random gringo and I was wondering if we could talk. As he was walking away, Samuel, who was standing on the other side of the mob, asked him if he would have time to talk. Not sure exactly what he said. But when he saw me, he immediately switched to English. He I was, in the middle of a totally quiet mob, talking in English to the municipal president. He asked how long I had lived in Ixtapaluca, how long I had lived in Mexico, about my family, etc... Turns out, he studied English in Chicago, and speaks quite well. I gave him the booklet about the community center, and he gave me his card, and wrote his personal telephone number behind it. "Whatever I can do for you, just call."

Now, I don't really know what this encounter will mean, but I suspect that it could be the beginning of something...!

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