Thursday, November 11, 2010

Downtown and Basketball

Yesterday Tiffany taught Daniel (she does this once a week, giving a break to both father and son!) and I picked up Samuel for an excursion into Mexico City center. We live in the Mexico City metro area, but going downtown isn't something very enjoyable, even for those of us who don't get lost! Nevertheless, our trip was extremely profitable.

After stopping at one place that was recommended to us to visit, we ended up in the bowels of La Merced, blocks and blocks stands and stores that sell pretty much anything you could imagine. We were looking for a sporting goods store that would sell us basketball equipment and jerseys. After finding ourselves in a narrow street surrounded by vendors and cars, we managed to escape and parked. Sam and I then walked up and down a street called Circunvalación, finally locating a store surrounded by taco stands and clothing stores.

We were able to purchase kasakas, or practice jerseys for the team. I also was able to locate many of the items that Uncharted Waters needs for their sports training time here in January. We also saw some great game jerseys that we'll be ordering soon.

After that, we crossed the city and found one of Samuel's relatives, who makes wedding dresses and does embroidery on shirts, among other things. He offered to do any stitching and embroidery on our polo and t-shirts for FREE. That was cool!

Last night's ESL class went well, basketball too. I wanted to get a shot of the kids practicing with their new jerseys, but forgot to!

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