Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday and Fish

We began a Friday a.m. prayer meeting today, with a pretty good response, 12 people showing up. After that, Sam and Aurora invited us out for breakfast. During this time, dear Daniel was undoubtedly doing ALL his homeschool assignments, right? What do you think?

I mentioned on FB that we began a new chapter in our family aquarium! Yes, I know, every family should have a DOG, and Cathy especially has been asking for one pretty much every single day. So...we bought a 40 liter aquarium with a filter and thermostat, and 6 fish. Their names... LavaGirl, Sharkboy, los Amigos (2), Chupón and Al Revés. There are meaningful, scientific reasons for these names, of course.

The guy at the pet shop said that the aquarium practically cleans itself...that we'll have to change the water every 6 months or so. I mentioned that to Tiffany and she said, "yeah, right!" I detected a slight tone of sarcasm in her response. You see, what parents need to try to avoid in a pet is poop. Of course, initially the kids always vow that they will be faithful poop-cleaner-uppers, but alas, the smart parents among us know that this is a vile lie. Parents are always the default poop janitors., now, how much do little fish do doo doo? I'm thinking not much. Plus we got a little black vacuum fish that should go pretty far in helping us with this nasty problem. One thing I know for gotta be better than hamsters in this regard!

Ok, what else? I preach this Sunday on Ephesians 5:22-33. Two hours of ESL and basketball tonight. Mayra is teaching at another church for a women's group in Nezahualcoyotl tomorrow, a lesson on God's Care for Us.

Check out this link, Mark Driscoll on materialism. Click HERE.

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