Monday, November 08, 2010

Sunday Service

Yesterday we enjoyed a Servicio de Adoración for our Sunday service. Servicio de Adoración means "worship service," but for us it means a special Sunday when the whole church stays together (no Sunday school or youth group), when there is no sermon, and when we celebrate the Lord's Supper.

Invariably such a service includes elements that are not necessarily present during a "normal" Sunday. Yesterday four young people (including our son Daniel) presented two brief dramas. Joseline did a special reading. Visitor Teo gave his testimony (quite impacting). We sang more than we usually do. Samuel led a special reflection on the attributes of God. Oh, and I sang a solo too.

Our small house was packed wall to wall, but that's not saying much, I suppose, when our door-less house can only hold 35 people or so. I always laugh when we have to stand up to sing or to greet one another...because it's almost impossible! We're packed in too tight!

Here are some photos. I also posted some on FB.

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