Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What exactly is he doing out there???

Last Friday, I took Daniel up to Jesus Maria, to the community center, to help David Gomez and other youth do some work, taking out some grass and rocks from the patio in front of where we teach.

On the way up we saw co-worker Jim Cottrill in the park in front of the community center doing...well, we had no idea what he was doing. Theories abounded. Maybe he's measuring the area for an activity later on, maybe he's picking up trash, maybe he just needed to get out of his house...ok, I just made that last one up.

Turns out he was doing this video! Whew... Jim's not going crazy after all! He's talking here about a reality the church is facing. A space crunch. Enjoy the video. If you're unable to see it, click HERE.

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