Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ELA and Basketball

I told Samuel I'm not going to take him anywhere with me anymore, because it seems like anytime we're together, we end up being presented with more opportunities than we can possibly tackle.

Last Wednesday I mentioned that we met a neighbor in Jesus Maria that offered us the administration of a community center in a nearby neighborhood, and also the possibility of a donated piece of land that would be ideal for our purposes.

We had a meeting with the municipality, two meetings actually, this past Monday. We were told that we can count on administration of the 3-story community center, which is right now pretty much abandoned and covered with grafitti, but is located at a great place for outreach. So that's awesome. The other property donation will take longer, and require a vote, but it appears as though we're moving in the right direction at least with that.

Yesterday I went with Sam to Puebla, to Ediciones Las Americas, and talked to the new director, Ruth Mozo Muñoz. Sam had already designed two book covers for ELA, and she wanted two more. She's also quite open to us writing a book or two with a lot of graphics (we have some ideas). Not sure if that's possible or not at this point, but could be quite an opportunity.

Today we pick of 65 t-shirts with the Tiempo de Vivir logo on it, and soon we're looking to buy basketball jerseys and enroll our soon-to-be team in a municipal league.

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