Monday, August 23, 2010

Why am I tired?

Daniel is starting homeschooling tomorrow. At least I hope he is.

I went out and bought a desktop computer for around $480 last night, and was pretty happy with it, until I tried to load Daniel's Switched-On Schoolhouse Alpha and Omega CD-driven curriculum, and was informed that the 1 Gig of RAM computer I purchased only had 328 MB of free RAM space, not enough for the program.

Ok, I'll get back to the computer issues...first, and update.

Some of you know that we've had some pretty phenomenal opportunities come out of nowhere, just within this past week. We had two meetings at the municipality, Sam and I, one at 10 a.m. and one at 1 p.m. We presented a full-color packet with our mission and vision statements, asociacion civil info., and a bunch of picture of the activities we've done over the past years.

Our ministry team committed to fasting and praying from yesterday through noon today. I know a lot of other people have been holding us up in prayer. The results... it looks about 90% certain that we will obtain the complete administrative control of a 3-story building in the neighborhood bordering where the church plant is. This implies a lot of work...but a whole new point from which we can begin to reach out to a new neighborhood (of 27,000 houses!).

And it appears that the other huge opportunity...the municipality donating us land right smack dab in the center of our current focus area...well, that will be a longer process, and will need to be voted on by 14 municipal officials, but the idea is going forward, for which we are beside ourselves with gratitude to God.

After that, Sam and I grabbed some Japanese food(with a heavy Mexican influence), then went and exchanged the computer for one with 3 gigabytes of RAM. Guess what. I still cannot load data base part of the program. Which means that we can't use the program. Time to call tech support (long distance) tomorrow.

Oh, we also are getting 65 t-shirts made with the Tiempo de Vivir logo on them, so that when we cut the grass in the field in front of our community center (Thursday maybe) people will begin to recognize us as those people who do all that cool stuff. In God's name.

The day didn't end there, but my energy did!

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