Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Women´s Conference Tomorrow

In February, Cati Ramirez came from Puebla and did a conference on unconditional love. It was a great time. You can read more about that by clickiing HERE. Tomorrow is our second conference, with good friend Becky Baron Muñoz. The topic...Being a Mother, a challenging reward. You can see by the poster that Samuel tried to be as realistic as possible in his promotion! We hung up 30 of these posters in color yesterday, and the ladies will continue to invite more women today after their a.m. Bible study.

These are very evangelistic conferences. The topics picked are meant to draw people that might not otherwise come to a "service." The municipality actually helps us do it by providing a large tent/canopy and a 100 chairs. Yesterday we gave out around 250 invitations to women as they were picking up their kids from school.

Please pray for these very strategic, special events as we continue to seek to impact our neighborhood for Christ.

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