Sunday, May 16, 2010

Taking the Door Off

We are renting a small, two-bedroom house. The area that we have to meet at as a church is...tiny. By U.S. standards it would be adequate for maybe a small Bible study. Or a discipleship group of maybe 5 people and a coffee pot. We manage to squeeze 35 people plus a keyboard, drum set and 3 guitars in this space.

Today, however, the inconceivable happened. We had 6 first-time visitors! Our attendance pushed our spacial constrains to the limit. What did you do? Well, the obvious, of course. We took the door off it's frame during the song service.

Now, door-shedding doesn't technically increase square footage. But it does allow the people sitting behind the open or half-open door to actually see the front of the church (18 ft. away). And it allows people to sit out in the garage space where the previously hinged door previously blocked the view...that's a good 3-4 extra people. And it allows more light and air in. Air quality with 40 people in a bedroom sized space deteriorates a bit.

After the service we had our first baptismal study. Mariano, Joseline, Claudia, Allan, Evelyn and Jacklyn stayed. Baptisms are June 20. We go to a public swimming area, have a short service, then baptize in one of the pools. My favorite service of the year!

Here's a picture of classic David.

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