Friday, May 14, 2010

Teacher's Day...another day off in May

No school today...again. May is crazy. The kids hardly go to school between Labor Day (May 1), 5 de mayo, Mother's Day (May 10) and teacher's day (May 15). Our kids are enjoying their days off. We are...ready for them to go back for a while!

Our week of English classes ended today, with Allan and I finishing off the week that began with teachers from Corban University. Excitement is building for the 3-week course that will begin June 14.

Hard to believe that Tiffany Taylor will be arriving here a week from today! We've signed a one-year contract for a small house for her, and are hoping the owner gets the water service restored and his things out of the house so we can clean and get the house ready for Tiffany's arrival.

4 more students arrive May 26! Andrea, Jackyln, Camron and Micah will be arriving, Lord willing, for the beginning of their 8-week experience here.

Our friends Melany and Pamela flew to Vancouver, BC, Canada the beginning of this month for a month of English studies in beautiful British Columbia. Here are some pictures.

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