Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Corban University with us

Corban University is a great place that we knew almost nothing about until last Saturday, when we met 10 students from Corban, 9 young ladies and Sergio. It´s been a great time with them! On Saturday we had a brief orientation time with them. On Sunday they participated in our worship service with songs and a couple testimonies and dramas. We met at Sam and Aurora´s house because we just didn´t all fit in the church. On Sunday night they helped us sing at 12 different homes...a Mexican mother´s day serenade. Great fun!

On Monday morning we all piled into a decrepit combi, or VW bus, that I had rented that morning. Actually I talked to the driver...and didn´t see what we would actually be going in! otherwise I probably wouldn´t have even rented it. About halfway there, on a main street called Zaragoza, the back tire blew out. So we all piled out, I paid the driver for that part of the trip, and we walked to a nearby Metro subway stop. After changing several times at transfer stopped, we finally arrived at the zocalo, and got out of the Metro right in front of the National Cathedral.

Monday and Tuesday evenings were English classes and sports activities.

Today, we got an early start, with several phone calls late last night and a couple around 5 this morning, from Sam and Aurora. Unfortunately, one of the students, Heidi, got sick, and was throwing up with diahrrea, well, you know...good ol Montezuma´s revenge hit her with a vengence! So we found a doctor who would see her at 6 a.m. today, and she´s currently taking meds.

The group returnes to Oregon today. We will miss them! They are a super bunch of young people. Thanks to good friend Profesor Johnson for setting up this experience.

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