Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ezekiel and the Wheels

I'm reading Ezekiel right now, just got through his "wheels" passage. The man had a relelation that surely impacted him at a deep level. I find it intriguing how the dimensions and splendor of what he saw obviously surpassed any words or language that he had to work with. He has to settle for wheels, ice, fire, bronze, the sun...the most powerful and brilliant realities he had to work with.

How often is God spinning right beside me, and perhaps I do not see Him. How often are spiritual realities...huge, tremendous and fearful forces of angels and demons, and indeed the Holy Spirit work just beyond the surface of faces and activities.

I think it was in the book Heaven, that I am working my distracted way through, that the author states that scientifically, up to 10 other dimensions or realities are possible, parallel to our own. Those "gateways" are understood by faith, not by witchcraft or science fiction. But they exist. It will be so mind-blowing one day to be informed by God, at least the curious ones among us who bother to ask, to be shown in a sort of instant replay how close we were to something or Someone glorious, or someone or something furious.

I'm going through a distracted time right now. I'm having trouble getting through books. I'm having trouble focusing on ministry vision. But at least I don't have to lay on my side, drinking a designated portion of water and eating a weighed-out portion of granola for week after week, like Ezekiel did. But I still want to see the wheels. One day, I am convinced, I will.

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