Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Women's conference and relief effort

This morning our very own "Amigas del Alma," Aurora, Shari and Mayra put on Jesus Maria's first ever women's conference, under a large tarp with 100 chairs, courtesy of the municipality. Mayra made 70 copies of the workshop entitled "Unconditional Love," and had about 5 left, which means a pretty good attendance, the large majority unchurched ladies. Caty Ramirez gave the talk. David Gomez, Miguel, Tania and I made sure the sound system, keyboard, speakers and mics were set up and working.

Now the focus is our local relief effort. To date we've received promises of $900. That will help! Our idea is to not only give pre-packaged boxes of basic food items (despensas) but to provide hot breakfasts for at least 300 people for the next 2 weeks. As I write this, the breach in the levy still has not been repaired, which means that additional neighborhoods are gradually being flooded.

We made contact with a family that lives right by the highway yesterday, and today later on will be setting up shop there (with a gas stove, some tables) to begin our "soup kitchen" tomorrow at 9 a.m. Several ladies from the church are helping cook. It's going to be a lot of fun! And although it might be a drop in the bucket compared to the overall need, we are convinced that we must do SOMETHING!

pictures forthcoming

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