Thursday, February 11, 2010

Relief work began this morning

It's been neat to see how our humble attempts at helping out our neighbors have come together. Yesterday, at the women's conference, I met Aaron, a guy listening at a distance to the conference. Turns out he used to attend a small Baptist mission in Jesus Maria (a mission that no longer exists), and also sells bread. So I asked him to provide 300 bolillos, or fresh baked rolls, for our relief effort this morning. Raul, another man who lives in Jesus Maria, offered to get us eggs and instant coffee at cost.

I picked up David, then bought 300 cups and forks, then Marta and Mayra (another Mayra) this morning, with two HUGE pots full of refried beans and eggs with hot dogs. We drove to the edge of the flooding and got the gas grill set up, and began to distribute the 300 breakfasts that we had prepared. People quickly found us! We sent probably 100 or so breakfasts by several boats that pulled up nearby, plus a lot of bottled water. Thanks for all of you who has contributed to this. If you haven't, there's still time.

Nicolas, the man who is informally taking charge of the relief effort for his neighborhood, took me by rooftop to his house, where we descended as far as we could...the water level is going down, but there's still probably 2 feet in his house.

Check out this link for more photos. Click HERE.

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