Friday, February 12, 2010

Valle de Chalco, Day 2

Yesterday we served a total of 360 eggs, 6.5 lbs of hot dog and 9 lbs of refried beans, plus 300 bread rolls. Today, sopes were on the menu. Marta bought 25 kilos of corn dough (about 53 lbs.) and made about 600 tortilla-like sopes. We fried them when we got to the site, then spread refried beans on them, then sour cream, grated white cheese and lettuce. No meat...but very tasty just the same.

This morning a number of police, fireman and municipal employees visited our little roadside restaurant! We did not serve to any boats today...but our ministry has begun to become noticed.

We arrived at our street corner to find that the waters had receded somewhat overnight, but during our time this morning, the water began to rise again...not sure why. Rumor has it that the dike, which was almost sealed, began to give way again. When we arrived, the water had gone down to the point that one of the houses on the corner was accessible without walking through water, but by the time we were done, the water level had risen again.

Thanks for all of you who have prayed for and supported this effort.

This last video is from yesterday. Co-worker Jim Cottrill took it. We gave several boats bottled water and food, and they took the supplies by boat to those out of our reach. Our food distribution "center" is right next to this flooded street. Check out more on the Cottrill's blog.

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