Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 3 of our corner kitchen

Today we served eggs in a tomato sauce, refried beans and coffee, with a fresh bolillo. Fortunately the water level from yesterday has really come down, and people next to our corner kitchen, most of them, were able to get back into their homes and start cleaning them out. There is still water in many of the lower-lying streets nearby, and up the road closer to the break in the dike. But a lot of progress has been made in draining this area.

In a day or two, when more streets are accessible with vehicles, we plan on distributing cleaning supplies, water and boxes of basic food items (despensas).

As you can see in the pictures below, the gas station that was complete flooded is not above water, and the highway, although still flooded, is much less so.

A big thanks to people from Word of Life Chapel, Hope Community Church, Grace Brethren Elizabethtown and Leroy Community Chapel for helping us help people in this community.

CAM Int'l has created an account number to help in cases like these. If you would desire to give to our relief efforts here, please send a check to:

CAM Int'l
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228

CAM's Emergency Relief fund number is #062250. Put this number on the memo line, with a note that it's for the flooding in Mexico.

Click here to go directly to the youtube video.

Click HERE to view a video by Jim Cottrill

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