Monday, March 30, 2009

Video of Yesterday's Leadership recognition

Thanks for the video, Jim!


Melissa Roberts said...

that's awesome! felicidades!

Anonymous said...

you're a good man Rod. looks like you recovered!-greg

Anonymous said...

you're a good man Rod- greg

Ben Santoyo said...

hi! My name is Benjamin Santoyo , God is awesome!!!.
I have a question,is there anyway I can get in touch with Toño y Becky Muñoz,I met them when he was in Dallas (Mesquite)and I've lost their e-mail address and I wish to be able to contact them if possible,I know they are in Mexico city but that's the only thing I know.please let me know if this is possible,I will read your blog the next days and look for your respose,
thanks in advance.
God bless.

Rod said...


Please email me at and I'll give you Tono and Becky's email. Thanks! Rod

Anonymous said...

Benjamin: Qué bueno que nos encontraste por este medio. Nuestro correo electrónico es: Bendiciones y saludos a la familia. Antonio y Becky