Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Today was a different day. After helping get the kids ready for school, I took public transportation into Mexico City. Public transportation consists of 15 people crammed in the back of a VW van. Four people are seated where normally 2 or 3 would sit comfortably. You know the saying...get one cheek on, and the other will follow. Sometimes.

At the airport I ran into Hernan Cortez and his wife, daughters and son-in-law. Great talk! Hernan preached here two Sundays ago, and we spoke at length about working together to reach this area. Hernan is one of the pastors at a large Bible church in Puebla called Torre Fuerte.

So...after talking to Hernan for a while, and feeling I was sufficiently, yet still culturally acceptably...late for my meeting, I walked downstairs to the restaurant. Bob, Fernando, Eliezar, Luis, Hiram and Erik were all there. We had a stimulating talk on a number of issues, all related to promoting missions here in Mexico. Coffee flowed freely. I'm still recovering from stomach issues, but coffee is healing. Right?

Then back home to teach my last English class for a while. Then to a brand new Bible study with Andrea and her 3 kids. Such a sad case, again, of a separated couple. Andrea made a profession of faith three years ago with Aurora, and now says she wants to get back to church, etc...

After that I dropped Mayra off at home at around 8, and I went and had a meeting with Samuel and Luis, my animated friends. Good time of talking, planning, dreaming and vision-casting till around 10. Now...well, I'm catching up on letters I need to write. It's been a good day.

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