Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vision and Impact

This morning Mayra had a meeting organized by co-worker Shari, with a number of other ladies in the church, to talk about the kids/Sunday school ministry. I went with the boys to pick up Samuel after his tutoring class, the passed by David's house and picked up David and the Menges, Daniel and Lauren.

We stopped by a nearby carnitas stand, and each had a tasty, high-cholesterol tacos, but OH SO TASTY! Then we took the Menges up to the Ixtapaluca pyramids, an archeological site that is unknown to almost everybody, here in our backyard. From this location, one can see all of Ixtapaluca, and the mega-housing developments that we desire to reach.

My conversation with Sam was especially motivating. He began to mention a host of ideas that require a significant time commitment, but could yield huge dividends.

We've done all sorts of activities in almost every neighborhood here. We've done programs in schools, and been active in many different forums. Now, perhaps it's time to document all of this, and present it to municipal authorities, and ask them for some favors. Like some property. Or access. We'll make a list. A long one. We'll mobilize. We'll get people involved. All of it for the glory of God.

You have to be careful when you talk to Samuel!

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