Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Valle de Chalco service Sunday

We praise God for a great service in Valle de Chalco on Sunday. We saw an attendance of between 160-180 people, the majority of which were not church people, but rather neighbors, people affected by the flooding that responded to our invitation to come to this special Sunday service.

There's much to be said about this event, but I'll comment on two very important elements.

1. We saw about 20 people respond to the invitation that Samuel gave at the end of the service to trust Christ, and 9 of these people, all adults, came up afterward and gave us their names, addresses and telephone numbers. This was HUGE, as it indicated a deeper commitment to a follow-up Bible study.

2. The Sendero de Vida church came together in a beautiful way in organizing and presenting this service. Everything from the coffee to the Bibles to setting up the free clothing table, the music, the two dramas the youth performed, the video presentation, the sound system and devotional. Everything came together beautifully, and was (and continues to be) a beautiful testimony to the gifts that God gives to His church, coordinated for His glory.

Here's a picture...rather grainy, but about the only one I was able to take.

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Alan & Beth McManus said...

wow...awesome! Great job. It's just like our God to bring about new life from the sludge of this world! (literally in this case)