Monday, March 22, 2010

Basketball and Birthday parties

Last Wednesday we began another new activity related to our community center--basketball! The first class drew about 12 kids, who had a great time with their teacher Allan and helper Daniel Menge. See pictures below. This is a ministry that was supported in part by a number of people (4) who gave $25 each to purchase the balls, cones, etc...and in the future, jerseys.

We've been having a lot of parties lately if that's so unusual! Claudia turned 13 on Saturday, so a bunch of us took a cake to her house and celebrated. Her parents are Joseline and Daniel. And today, Aurora turned...well, that's classified information...but a bunch of us (7 cars in all) surprised her with a party at her house this evening at 7. Got home rather late after a great time...probably 40 people in the Valtierras house. Pictures soon.

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