Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here and there

Today I spent some time in the formerly flooded Valle de Chalco area, touching base with the 29 or so families that gave us their address after the meeting we had there March 14. People have been quite receptive, and eager to receive a DVD that Jim Cottrill made of the flooding. Between yesterday and today I've handed out 10 DVDs.

The plan is to meet at Saul and Araceli's house next Friday, April 2 (Good Friday). We are going to act out a drama that we did during the meeting the 14th, called "The Gardin," where God creates Adam, Satan enters the picture, Adam sins, and is just about ready to be crucified, and then God (Jesus) comes back and is crucified in our place.

This whole process is...delicate, intriguing. Some of these people have made professions of faith. But what exactly do the understand they did? How can you move people along, step by step in this journey of faith, without appearing manipulative, or paternalistic? The DVD is gives me a good excuse to visit, and invite people to the next activity, a drama during Good Friday, then a Bible study on Friday nights after that.

It was determined that Mayra and I are responsible for the follow-up in Valle de Chalco. This ministry isn't something we expected, or asked for. It comes right when we're focusing our energies in Jesus Maria (Sunday services for the VERY FIRST TIME this Sunday). But it has been God leading us all the way, so we just keep running with it.

Today, over at Jesus Maria, Allan gave his second week of basketball class, and I managed to involve 10 kids that I've never seen before in street hockey. I found out later that they were "marijuanos," or druggies. Seemed nice enough to me, though. After a while playing they sort of figured it out, and were asking me afterward if they could play tomorrow. God is working in Ixapaluca, and in Valle de Chalco! Pray for our English/keyboard/guitar/basketball/baking--Amigas del Alma event this Friday please!

Last night we had a full house with Andrea, as we continued our study in the book of John. We looked at the last half of Chapter 13 last night. Previous to the study we were able to counsel Joseline as to her relationship with her husband Daniel. Pray for them too.

We really have no idea how many people will show up on Sunday. Pray for a full house!

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