Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Delivering 170 food bags/boxes and clothing this morning

Last night we were excited to have 6 families represented in our Tuesday night Bible study in Jesus Maria, with a total of 18 people packed into a small family/dinning room. We studied John 11, and "performed" a simple drama about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

This morning we delivered the last of our physical aid to the residents of Valle de Chalco. We also gave out invitations to our meeting March 14, in a party hall that was recognized by many I talked to. 450 people fit standing, 250 seated. Hopefully many decide to come. The invitation said this...

¡Ven a celebrar con nosotros! provisión de Dios en el Valle de Chalco

Cuándo— domingo, 14 de marzo, a las 12 medio día
Dónde--Salón de fiestas “Josefina”
Dirección: Av. División del norte,
esquina Ignacio Comonfort (Lote 1 Mz446)
Col. San Isidro, Valle de Chalco
¿Quiénes? Residentes de Valle de Chalco e Ixtapaluca

Here's a video that Jim took and posted on youtube. Jim apparently videoed a rather inactive several minutes...but hey, better than nothing! Pay particular attention to the water line on the houses, still visible three weeks later. Visit the Cottrill's blog for more info.

If you can't see the video, click HERE.

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