Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Decisiones, decisions...for a new church plant

Mayra and I both thought we had a really good team meeting last Saturday evening, in the house that we are renting for our Sunday services. In attendance, everybody who is part of the team.

Who is that, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Our Mexican representatives are:

1. The Valtierra family--Samuel and wife Aurora, and kids Melanie, Esli and Sammy
2. The Palacio family--José and wife Adriana, and son Axel.
3. David Gómez
4. Allan Chávez

Representing Canada (we love them in spite of Sunday's hockey game)
**The Cottrill family--James and wife Shari, kids Hannah and Nathanael

And representing...not sure which country, Mexico or the U.S.
**The Fry family--Rod and Mayra, with kids Daniel, Catherine and David

We decided to initiate Sunday services March 28. After some debate we determined to have Sunday school during the teaching/sermon time, and not to have a separate Sunday school hour. This very well may be added later, but we considered that most people coming out of a Catholic tradition with a 15-minute mass would not appreciate a 3-hour Sunday commitment.

Our service, then, will look something like this:

11:00-11:15 Tiempo de café, galletas
11:15-12:00 Alabanza, oración, testimonios, etc…
12:00-12:45 Sermón/enseñanza
(clases de escuela dominical para niños durante el sermón)
12:45 Anuncios (cuando sea necesario)

a. ministerio juvenil—David, con José y Adriana
b. ministerio femenil--Mayra y Aurora
c. ministerio infantil—Shari y Esli (con apoyo de Mayra y Aurora)
d. ministerio de discipulado/estudios bíblicos—Jaime y José
e. ministerio de la alabanza—David con apoyo (Melanie, Allan, Jaime, Rod, Adriana)
f. ministerio de coordinación del servicio dominical—Rod
g. predicación—Rod, Jaime, José, Samuel y David
h. coordinación del centro comunitario—Rod
i. diseño gráfico y arte—Samuel
j. dar la bienvenida—Adriana
k. coordinar el refrigerio—Aurora
l. organizar la Santa Cena—José
m. preparar candidatos para el bautizo (20 de junio)—Rod
n. boletín--David

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