Saturday, January 02, 2010

Veracruz Adventure

This past Thursday we drove the 4 hours from Ixtapaluca to Veracruz (4 hours the way I drive!). Miguel and Tania and family and David Gomez came with us. We came, in part, to visit Claudia and her daughters.

It has been a great time! Claudia's uncle, Elias, has shown us A LOT of Veracruz, including the continent's oldest church in La Antigua, Veracruz, constructed in 1523, one of Hernan Cortez's early houses and a host of other historic and cultural spots.

We visited one of the many rachos that Elias and wife Gloria do ministry, primarily children's but also preaching and teaching. There, among other things, an older man showed us a boa constrictor that he had captured. See photo!

Our first day here was beautiful, but ever since there has been a lot of clouds and a lot of wind. But it has been a blessed time indeed!

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