Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Projects for 2010

We are excited about this coming year! We will, Lord willing, be hosting groups from DTS&Baylor in March, Corbin College in May and Antioch Church from Virginia in July. Tiffany Taylor, a graduate of John Brown University, will be joining our team the end of May (yeah!). I've been in contact with a bunch of students who are looking at coming down this summer (among them Robin Lindsay, a GREAT former intern, and Micah Brewster, an MBI student from Oregon. ALSO...Melissa Roberts, former intern and CAM MK will be helping us with Spanish language training! And rumor has it that Rachel Drennan might even help out for a month or two. There's always a chance (threat!) that Brigam, our beloved mascot, could show up too.

Investment in PEOPLE is the most important gig happening here this coming year (and every year), but we have some other projects too! Soon, I'll be sending out a 2010 investment "wish list," in Powerpoint form probably, but here's a taste of some of the graphics that Samuel has been helping out with.

The first picture is of a house that we begin renting January 1 (in 3 days). Because we are a pretty small group, we would certainly appreciate your help with the rent, or with acquiring certain luxuries like...chairs. And a stove. The house will really be used in multiple ways; to house visitors, have youth events, do Bible studies, music classes, etc... It is right around the corner from the marketspace that we've purchased.

The second picture is of a house that we'd like to buy. It is in the same general area of the rental house and the storefront. We can buy it for a downpayment of around $11,500, and additional payments of $5000 over the next four years. It is in a PERFECT location for a future church. You can see Samuel's vision in these pictures!

The other pictures are promoting other projects that we have established for 2010. There are more! This is just a taste to get you interested. You can receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donations for the house purchase or for the basketball uniforms through CAM. The rest, well, you can receive my sincere thanks!

To donate towards the purchase of a house for future church building, send a check made out to:
CAM International
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228
and mention the following: MEX-Iztapaluca Start Up - 063604

To donate to the basketball ministry, you can go to the following website and give online. Just click HERE.

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