Sunday, October 18, 2009


I preached today on Romans 13:8-14, and spent a bit of time on the phrase: Owe no man anything but the debt of love." Debt and its consequences are huge here. Interest rates on credit cards vary from 38-50% annually. That's right...up to 50% for credit card use. Unfortunately, many people get caught in that they do in the U.S. too, but here, it's harder to dig yourself out of the hole.

David, Allan and Melanie came home with us after church. Samuel and family (except Melanie) went to visit Alfonso, Samuel's 84 year old father who is dying with prostrate cancer. Our prayer is that this man of God will soon be able to meet his Creator, and not suffer anymore.

The praise band did really well today, with Miguel on lead acoustic, Allan on drums, Daniel on bass guitar, Gerry on electric guitar, Jim Cottrill rockin on the keyboard and singers Melanie and Blanca. What a blessing to have good music in church.

Around 5, Sam stopped in to do his absolutely favorite activity; eat ice cream! Thought you'd enjoy the picture.

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Alan & Beth McManus said...

is "prostrate cancer" found in the knees? i believe you meant "prostate cancer." it's a common mistake but I'll never forget hearing a song leader in a large church read the first line of our next hymn..."All hail the power of Jesus name let angels' prostate fall." A buddy and I nearly had to leave the auditorium. nonetheless...the cancer is serious and I'm sorry this man is suffering from it. didn't want to make light of it but the long ago church hymn experience is killing me.