Friday, October 16, 2009


I will soon be posting a number of small to medium sized projects for those of you who would like to be involved. For example, we need a weed-wacker and a push mower to keep the park/lawn area in front of our ministry area clean.
We need to construct a wooden shelf/storage area in the classroom space we have to be able to store items.
We need a table or desk in the room.
We need more paint.
It would be nice to have more ESL materials, including flashcards, posters, etc...
Sports equipment, including basketballs, soccer balls and even a street hockey set (something new here) would be awesome too.

For those of you interested in bigger projects, there are back-to-back market/garage/store areas, very close to where we've already purchased, that could be linked together and made into a long classroom double the size we currently have. Asking price...around $9400. For around $3000 we could help David Gomez, our co-worker, purchase a small, used car.

Soon, co-worker Jim Cottrill and I will be pursuing an official CAM Project for a future ministry center/church building in our new focus neighborhood, and monies that are donated both in the U.S. and Canada will receive tax-deductible receipts.

A sincere thanks to so many of you who stand behind us with your prayers and gifts!

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