Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday is a blur. The last thing I remember of Monday night was staggering up the stairs, really dizzy, and popping two Ibuprofen PM. Tuesday turned into a very bad sore throat, prompting a doctor's visit in the afternoon. When I concede to go to the doctor, I am usually pretty bad. Then last night several people showed up at our house for prayer meeting. Ooops, forgot I had volunteered our house for that on Sunday. I had 103-104 degree fever all day.

I felt like I hardly slept all last night. It is painful to swallow, in spite of gargling with salt water, then a vinegar/lemon concoction, and taking some homeopathic medicine (yeah, I'll try whatever), and eating Advil like candy. But today...well, at least the fever is gone.

Last night was when Mexico celebrated their Independence day, with rockets and whistlers of all sounds and colors. So I didn't lose sleep because of that...I was very much awake, afraid to swallow.

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Jim said...

So sorry to hear you're sick! Get better soon!