Thursday, September 17, 2009

Roberto...Luis....Pablo and Jesy...Toby and Marilyn

Several years ago, Mayra and I were involved with a university ministry for about 4 years, until we moved to where we are currently living. Since then, I've had the privilege to preach in two weddings, and be involved in a small way in a third wedding. Looks like #4 is coming up. Roberto, who produces a show on Christian music on open (non-cable) TV every Sunday. He and Irene, his girlfriend now of several years, are taking the plunge sometime soon...I need to remember when!

Also...and this is pretty amazing...Luis Penieres, who did the spoof on me two Sundays ago (playing my long-lost brother), well, it looks like at the tender age of 31 he might actually have a girlfriend. But let's not jump to conclusions...he's thought that before, only to discover that this was a revelation to the girl.

Another couple from that same university ministry, Pablo and wife Jesica, just returned from Costa Rica, and are involved in a church in Neza, towards the city from us. Check out their church called "Neza House of Prayer" HERE.

I'm reading a book called The Speed of Trust, by Stephen M.R. Covey (the son) that has been very helpful in helping me think through team dynamics, how to establish and restore trust within the group, etc... I recommend it.

Finally, a prayer request. Co-workers in Mexico for 10 years Toby and Marilyn Casteel just discovered that Toby, in addition to a heart condition, also has prostrate cancer. Please do pray for this super couple. The currently live in Dallas.

Here's the promo for the program Roberto directs.

I'm still sick. Good grief, when will I feel better?

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