Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hiking La Maliche

This coming Saturday the youth are going to climb a nearby volcano, La Malinche, the "least tall" of the four major volcanoes in Central Mexico, still over 14,000 ft, making it a bit taller than anything in Colorado or the Continental U.S. The other three peaks are 17,000+ and 18,000+ ft. We leave here early Saturday morning (5:45 a.m.) Pray I don't have a heart attack on the hike up! Not exactly in the best shape...ha ha ha, is that an understatement, or what.

Anyway, on Friday and Saturday, the young people were selling hamburgers to, in theory anyway, raise money for their outing. And they did I guess, around $40, which will help pay for some gas. They also were washing cars. The pictures below are from that event.

Today I preached from Romans 10:16-11:10, a passage about the response Israel has had toward the gospel generally (not positive) and how there is a remnant of Israel that is saved.

This past week has been full of renewing relationships. In weeks ahead I'll be starting new English classes and new outreaches...including teaching twice a month from 8-11 a.m. in a nearby Jr. Hi. school.

The Cottrills arrived back in Ixtapaluca last night after a LONG trip to western Canada, then eastern Canada, then back through the U.S. Good to have them back!


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