Monday, November 17, 2008

Summary of a full time in PA

Daniel and my time in PA has been full and profitable. The viewing Friday evening and the funeral service on Saturday were a tribute to my grandfather's godly life. It was good to see all my aunts and uncles and even cousins at the funeral service.

On Sunday I was able to visit Elizabethtown Grace Brethren church for Sunday School, then hop over to Word of Life Chapel for church, and briefly shared a bit of an update there. I sat by Denny Mohr, and spoke with many people I've not seen in a while.

Sunday afternoon felt like Mexico, with a full house here at my parents home. My uncle and aunt Donnie and Barb came over, as well as former Wolc pastor Don Wagner and his wife Mary, and Don and Beth (my sister) Bullard with the star of the afternoon, Cecilia. Three "Dons" ate dinner with awesome roast with baked potatoes, etc...and suffice it to say I haven't lost any weight while in PA!

Yesterday evening I was able to watch the Eagles play to a tie, and Dallas win, so that was great, then talk for a while with Keith and Marcia and Dan and Katie about all sorts of things, finishing out the evening almost completing Epicenter, by Joel Rosenberg, a book I highly recommend.

I had lunch with my mother...what a nice time! Daniel went with dad all day. I'm wondering how my father is dealing with that about now! We leave here to fly back to Mexico in two hours (after an 11 hour layover in Charlotte, we arrive in Mexico City sometime tomorrow around noon. Great father-son bonding time!

Here's son Daniel at Messiah Village with grandpa.

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