Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please pray for Claudia

Yesterday after a biospy it was confirmed that the lump that Claudia noticed in the last several months in her chest is malignant. She is scheduled to have a mastectomy either tomorrow or Friday. This news has come as quite a shock to the family and church family. Alberto and Claudia are a key family in the church; Alberto plays guitar during worship and Claudia teaches Sunday school. They have two daughters, Noemi is 7 and Karla is 5. They have been staying with us since Monday evening.

This recent photo is of the family with Alicia and Sara, whom they hosted the first week in August.

Quote of the Day:
Why does God go to all the trouble to dirty his hands, as it were, with our decaying, sin-stained flesh, in order to reestablish it as a resurrection body and clothe it with immortality? ...Because his Son paid the price of death so that the Father's purpose for the material universe would be fulfilled, namely, that he would be glorified in it, including in our bodies forever and ever. John Piper

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