Saturday, August 30, 2008

Music classes

We've been praying for a new music teacher at church for the last couple of months, ever since the teacher who was coming for some reason, after a month, stopped teaching. Still haven't heard why. Anyway...Thursday night I stopped by a neighbors house and his daughter was studying music with a young lady. Her name is Laura.

I asked her if she gave music lessons, and it took us about 30 seconds to identify that we were both Christians. She is from Colombia, and came to Christ here in Mexico as she was pursuing, in her words, "fame and fortune" in the music business. Now she's in the process of producing a CD of Christian music. Anyway...she's going to be teaching at the church, keyboard and voice, beginning next Sunday.

If you would like to help out with the cost of the classes, please let me know. Email me at

Alan will also be giving drum lessons weekly to Daniel, Alex (Griselda's son) and Sammy on Thursdays.

We will be having an official "Welcome" party for the Cottrills tomorrow afternoon at the church. Jim and Shari and their kids have been here for over 2 months now...but we're just getting around to having the time to do this.

Quote of the Day:
“No se trata de ti.” “El propósito de tu vida excede en mucho a tus propios logros, a tu tranquilidad, o incluso tu felicidad. Es mucho más grande que tu familia, tu carrera o aun tus sueños y anhelos más vehementes. Si deseas saber por qué te pusieron en este planeta, debes empezar con Dios. Naciste por su voluntad y para su propósito. Una Vida Con Proposito, by Rick Warren, p.15

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