Friday, August 29, 2008

VP pick, Sarah Palin

I really do not like to talk about politics, especially U.S. politics...but...can't help but comment on the recently announced McCain VP pick. I've heard that she has been involved with Athletes and Action, and is pro-life, not only in policy but in practice...with the birth of a Downs syndrome child in April. She was instrumental in establishing a Christian Heritage week in Alaska. She is clearly conservative and, apparently, a committed Christian. Good news.

Obviously the main accusation is going to be her inexperience, but Christians can't help but be happy with this choice.

Quote of the Day:
The passion of believing, of believing in the greatness and goodness of God, is therefore replaced in the (post)modern world by the blank stare, the ironic posture. In its postmodern incarnation, this attitude says it is not chic to care anymore, except of course about ourselves. The sense of meaninglessness is the signature of the minimal, depleted, empty (post)modern self.
The Courage to be Protestant, David Wells, pp.115-116
That's a pretty depressing quote!

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