Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quotes from the book The Complete Book of Discipleship

…many evangelical churches pose an even more subtle danger by departing from the gospel that calls on all believers to be disciples and follow Christ in obedience. As a result, we evangelicals accept and even encourage a two-level Christian experience in which only serious Christians pursue and practice discipleship, while grace and forgiveness is enough for everyone else. Dallas Willard notes, “We have not only been saved by grace, we have been paralyzed by it.” Willard adds that the church stresses who is saved in who isn’t. However, when we see faith as agreement with a doctrinal test and understand grace as forgiveness of sin alone, we also lose vibrant Christianity. The Complete Book on Discipleship, by Bill Hull, in Introduction

Discipleship isn’t a program or event; it’s a way of life. It’s not for a limited time, but for our whole life. Discipleship isn’t for beginners alone; it’s for all believers for every day of their life. Discipleship isn’t just one of the things the church does; it is what the church does. It’s not just part of the advancement of God’s kingdom; the existence of serious disciples is the most important evidence of God’s work on earth. The Complete Book on Discipleship, by Bill Hull, p. 24

The principle behind discipleship does involve one person influencing another, which does result in a change of heart and mind. The success of discipleship doesn’t depend on soldiering forward in a mechanical strategy of reproduction and multiplication. And discipleship doesn’t involve developing a well-trained, elite sales force. Rather discipleship occurs when a transformed person radiates Christ to hose around her. It happens when people so deeply experience God’s love that they can do nothing other than affect those around them. The Complete Book on Discipleship, by Bill Hull, p. 28

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