Monday, November 12, 2007

Care package contents

These products are what we plan to put in each care package. Given the willingness of at least one store to package the products for us, we may alter somewhat the contents, but for now this is what we're planning.

10 liters de agua--2.5 gallons bottled water
1 caja fécula de arroz (1 kilo)--1 box rice starch (2.2 lbs.)
1 caja fécula de maiz (1 kilo) --1 box corn starch (2.2 lbs.)
1 kilo frijoles de grano--2.2 lbs. black beans
1 kilo arroz--2.2 lbs. rice
2 latas sardinas--2 cans of sardines
2 bolsas leche en polvo--2 bags of powdered milk
1 kilo azucar--2.2 lbs. sugar
1 kilo sal--2.2 lbs. salt
1 kilo avena--2.2 lbs. oats
1 litro aceite--1 liter of cooking oil
1 lata café soluble--1 can instant coffee
½ kilo soya--1.1 lbs. soybeans
5 sobres Maizena de sabor--5 small packages of flavored corn starch
1 botella gotas de cloro--1 small bottle water purification drops
paquete pequeño de toallas húmedas--1 small packages of wipes
1 pieza jabón de manos--1 bar of soap
toallas femeninas--hmm...not sure how to translate this...


Melissa Roberts said...
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Melissa Roberts said...

hmmm...feminine products...haha!