Monday, November 12, 2007

Answers to Prayer

This morning I was getting nervous. I still didn't know where exactly we were going to deliver the goods we are purchasing. I didn't have the use of our van, because my visa (which expired October 2) hadn't been renewed.

But tonight is a different story.

Through a good friend and fellow missionary Tim Blycker I was able to talk on the phone tonight with Moses, a Presbyterian missionary in Platano and Cocoa (strange name, huh). This town is located about 20 kilometers to the east of Villahermosa.

It was sobering to talk to him. What should we bring?, I asked him. "Well, brother, we've really lost everything. Anything you bring will be accepted gratefully."

In talking to him and also to Tim, the need for Bibles and Christian resources was talked about. Just so happens on Wednesday I'll be in Puebla at the Seminary. My co-worker David and I are giving a 2 hour class on Urban Church planting. At Puebla CAM has a book deposit with Bibles and books at discount prices. I'm planning on buying $300-400 worth.

I also received word this morning that my visa has been processed. I need to go downtown tomorrow, be there by 10 a.m. to give my fingerprints and signature. That means I can drive the van to Tabasco.

Oh, and another $350 plus was pledged for this project. I must say this has been one wild ride, and the best is yet to come I suspect!

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