Monday, November 12, 2007

Tabasco Update

An update on the relief aid that we're sending to date we have received over $1400 in pledges towards this project, and $939 has been deposited in our account. Last night 5 of us from the church met to continue to plan for this project. We presented letters to a local Sams Club and City Club (similar store), asking them to give us prices for the list of things we plan to take.

We hope to purchase and transport the non-perishable food and bottled water this weekend, if we are able to nail down a number of important details, particularly regarding transportation. The trip to Villahermosa is approximately 14-16 hours.

Please pray for a couple of things specifically:

1. Transportation: The 1 1/2 ton truck we were counting on is not in good enough shape to make the 1000 mile round trip. Pray for an adequate vehicle.
2. Permits: We are not totally clear on if we need a special permit granting us safe passage the whole way to Tabasco and Villahermosa, the capital city. From what we've been able to investigate on the Internet, it appears as though we don't, but we need to clarify this.
3. Grace is the eyes of the stores where we're buying the products...reduced prices, etc...
4. Safety for a long trip.

Ideally we'll leave this Friday evening and drive all night to Tabasco, and return late Sunday or Monday.

CAM Mexico is making the Tabasco relief effort a missions project.

If you would like to send funds to this, please let us know ASAP. There is still a few days to do so. Check made out to Rod Fry, sent to:

1046 W. Ridge Rd.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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