Monday, March 31, 2014

Worship Languages...Nature and Community

Quite a challenging sermon by Dr. Dan Sheard, who is also superintendent at the school. Are we beholding the glory and truth of Jesus in our lives? The property motivations for missions is love for God and people, and genuine worship of the person of Christ. If we catch who Jesus is...we can't help but tell others about him!

During the Sunday school hour, I was able to share about our church planting ministry in Mexico...I thought it went well. Also able to share at an early men's prayer breakfast this morning at 6 a.m., and I wish I would have talked about something more specific to Mexico...but people were gracious.

This past weekend was partially cold and windy, but not before David and I were able to catch a bunch of trout up north with uncles Donnie and Dwight and cuz Chris. After being fishless for the first couple of hours I managed to catch a 16" (or was it 18"?....maybe 20") palomino trout, native to the streams in this part of the world (not).

More snow last night...when will it stop?!

The two boys below are dynamite together, here pictured at a breakfast time at 8 a.m. at Mt. Calvary Church, before our participation in the church's missions conference yesterday.

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