Friday, March 28, 2014

This Weekend at Mount Calvary

We're excited to participate this weekend in Mount Calvary Church's missions conference! The conference kicks off Sunday morning and goes through Wednesday evening. I had lunch with Pastor Richard Vaughn today and he explained that rather different format. The church previously had one main speaker teach for sequential evenings (like most churches do), but leadership observed that attendance was sparse, with pretty much the same people showing up for all three nights. So that changed their format.

Now, a keynote speaker (Dr. Daniel Sheard this year) preaches on two consecutive Sunday mornings, and missionaries are given speaking opportunities during the Sunday school times, as well as three evening meetings. Their small groups are then divided up over the three evenings. Attendance is higher, because people are really only expected to attend one of the three evenings, and every evening is composed of entirely different people. Church members are able to hear from both supported and guest missionaries, in a more intimate, less formal setting. Click HERE for a conference program in pdf.

Also during the conference...a prayer breakfast for the men, a brunch for the women and opportunities for missionaries to be involved at the Christian school in chapel times. We are involved with a youth meeting Sunday evening, a men's prayer breakfast Monday morning (6 a.m.) and an MCCS High School chapel time.

Ok, finally a picture from my 1984 MCCS Yearbook. I was so serious back then. If you know any of these people...tag them!

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