Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayer for the Coasts

The picture of Mayra and Aurora is from 2010, when a bunch of us (19) took a 5-day road trip up to northern Veracruz, and spent some time at Aurora's parents' house, near the city of Tuxpan, Veracruz. This picture was taken on a (rather rustic!) ferry that you have to take to even get to Aurora's house, across a sizeable river that snakes through the entire coastal area. The Gulf Coast is only probably 50 miles from this river.  A shout out to Camron, Micah, Jacklyn, Andrea, Tiffany, Josiah, Kyle, Stephanie and Denny (who am I forgetting??) who accompanied us. What a great trip!

You may have heard that Mexico is in the process of getting walloped by two huge storm systems. Much of Acapulco is under water, and the main highway from Mexico City to Acapulco has been closed for several days now, scheduled to reopen tomorrow. Rain continues to fall, however, in Veracruz and Tamaulipas, and even some of the more inland states like San Luis Potosí have experienced loss of life because of the flooding.

Please pray for Aurora's mother and father, and her extended family, as they all live in small towns in lowlying areas, which are very succeptible to flooding. While there, they related to us that during one flood they had to climb to the roof of their 2-story house to survive a hurricane.

We wish we lived closer to either coast, so that we could assist in some way, but for now, let's pray!

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