Wednesday, September 04, 2013

$21 per Wheelchair

Ismael and I cruised into the Mexico City today to pick up 20 Generation 2 wheelchairs to be handed out locally here. Found out that 20 unassembled wheelchairs do indeed fit in the Astro van. Actually the Gen2 chairs fit much better then the previous model because they do not use a premolded plastic chair, but rather vinyl straps for the seat.

These 20 chairs are bought and paid for by your generous gifts. We want to fill up the van next week also with another 20 chairs, the next load bound for Oaxaca in partnership with Gaspar Chable and Dave Miller. Both Dave and Gaspar were at our last FAMEX missions conference, and talked about how they are using sustainable projects of all sorts (fish farms, rabbits, greenhouses, etc...) to spread the good news of the gospel there.

Would you like to help Dave Miller (Adventures in Life Ministry) and I pay for another 20 chairs that will be going to rural villages in the needy state of Oaxaca? Each chair costs about $21. Gaspar needs 5 small, 10 medium and 5 large chairs. We hope that this shipment is the first of many such donations made to Gaspar and Dave's ministry to many villages in that southern state.

Quote of the Day: Do you desire to be wise, fair, and honest-or foolish, unfair, and crooked? Kind, loyal, and reliable-or mean, backstabbing, and unreliable? Brave, faithful, and pure-or cowardly, weak, and stained? Maybe you've thought about the kind of person you want to become but not about how to become that person. Every act, every decision, every thought will move you either a little closer to being that kind of person-or push you a little further away.
J. Budziszewski. How to Stay Christian in College (Kindle Locations 152-154). Kindle Edition.

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