Monday, August 26, 2013

Tale of Two Trees

Turns out our tree cutting party was shut down because of a minor error on the part of the guy who was working on cutting down the big tree. He apparently either purposely or inadvertently cut down a small tree, probably a sapling, that was near the big tree.

Now, you have to wonder how anyone even saw that. Almost gives you the impression that someone has taken it upon herself to watch every single movement that is made. a country where whopping big transgressions are committed all of the time, and corruption permeates nearly every part of life, the cutting of a small tree prompting the calling of a police patrol vehicle seems like a bit of overkill.

Did I mention that the buildings of the majority religion in the municipality do not even have permits or paperwork? one seems to care about that. But a small tree! That is outrageous!

I downloaded a book yesterday, How to Stay Christian in College, by  J. Budziszewski. He talks about the pressure that Christians sometimes feel in college. I bought it because I want to prepare my kids, and I need to read a bit more about apologetics. He ends with this quote.

"Violent persecution focuses the mind on the fact that the kingdom of this world is an enemy to the kingdom of God. When there hasn't been any persecution for a long time-as in our part of the world-many Christians start expecting the world to be a friend. They slip into seeking the world's approval instead of God's. When the world denies its approval-when the teacher smirks or some of the other students roll their eyes-they go hollow inside."

At least here we are more frequently reminded that the world is not our friend. There's something good in that, something solid, something very true.  

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