Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Small Steps Toward Progress

Well, the church property project drama continues. Apparently on Monday night, overnight, about 35, 18 ft. lengths of rebar were stolen from our construction site, as well as a large, plastic container the masons were using to store water, and some other smaller articles. Fortunately no tools were left at the job site.

Now, there are pretty high walls all around the property. To remove 35 LONG sections of rebar, you would think someone would have noticed, someone would have heard, right?  Probably a lost of a couple hundred dollars at least.

What the neighbors, however, do notice is every little thing we do that indicates progress. We have an official permission to put a water line into the property. Well, turns out that inexplicably a water official appears yesterday and says we need a different classification of permit. Ok, how much more is that? Access to water is a constitutional right here...not a whole lot anyone can do to impede that. Oh, but they are trying!

Keep in  mind everything we are doing is totally legal, and we have permits for everything.

In other news...this Sunday I begin a Bible study for youth group boys during the preaching hour at church. Should be fun. I'm already excited about it. Lesson for this week...Gospel Concepts, including representation, substitution and transaction. How can God be holy and still accept us? What is the answer to the question, How does God deal with our sin?

Reposting a picture that Abbie Middleton took of the area below.

Quote of the Day: Our lives shouldn't be based on what can't be doubted but on what we have the best reasons to believe. All other ways lead to insanity.
J. Budziszewski. How to Stay Christian in College (Kindle Locations 734-735).

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