Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Progress Being Made, Slowly

With permits in hand, progress is being made at the property. Today, a small door was opened in the brick Wall, making access much easier. We also have a permit to cut down a fairly large tree. Earlier today that job was begun, but not completed. It wasn't completed because a patrol car stopped the guy cutting it down. Even though we have a permit. Welcome to Mexico.

Below, a picture of our construction crew...Ismael, the pastor of the church, is to the left, Samuel, an elder, to the right and Miguel, the construction forman and also a believer in the middle. He sort of reminds me of a friend in PA, Bob Horting. A lot shorter...but with the same matter-of-fact nature and big smile to him!

In other news, school began in Mexico. David is our only kid in normal school now. Cathy has joined Daniel in studying English-based courses at home. She began a French course today. Oui!

We've been spending the last week recuperating from a long summer with lots of people here! Good to get back into a routine. Thanks for your continued prayers and support of us here...it means a lot!

Quote of the Day:  Jesus washes the feet of Judas. The so-called divine Augustus never washed anyone’s feet. A culture built on honor is beginning to implode, but almost no one back then realizes that.
John Ortberg  Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus (p. 81).

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