Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our Little Girl is 13!

Hard to believe that we have two teenagers in the house now. Cathy turns 13 today, and the house is full of her friends, celebrating with games, a delicious lasagna that her mother made, and later on a piñata.

I made her a card with pictures of her throughout the years...amazing how are family has changed and morphed. Daniel is now taller than I am. Mayra is still goregous. Cathy went from curls to straight hair. David has remained nearly impossible to photo with a normal smile...for that matter, with a normal, non-contorted face!

Funny, it used to be that the big birthday party was 16, when you can drive. Now, add to that 13, when you can officially have your own Facebook account. Yes, call us strict for having our kids wait till they are 13 so they can actually tell the truth when submitting their date of birth.

We love you Cathy! Feliz Cumpleaños!

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